What We Believe

As Christians, we believe in the one triune God, the Creator (often called Father), Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. We believe we are part of Christ’s universal church by which we are unified through Jesus and challenged to grow and move.

We believe in the authority of Scripture and use it as one means to listen to and connect with the living God.

We believe in the mystery of salvation, the redemptive love of Christ, and eternal life with God.

As Methodists, we believe in God’s prevenient grace as a gift for all people. We are called to accept God’s gift of grace and to choose to live as a devoted follower of Jesus with faith and good works. We believe in the process of sanctification (holiness) moving toward perfection in love.

We insist that personal salvation always involves mission and service to the world.

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism said, “think and let think” meaning we are called to challenge ourselves, our faith, and learn to navigate our own questions. There aren’t always answers, but together we walk by faith and love God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, and love one another.

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