We believe something at First Church that is pretty important – Everything we have comes from God and belongs to God! We believe that it feels really good when we give what we have back to God because it’s God’s anyway!

We desperately desire to give to God to live into exactly who we were created to be and to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. God doesn’t need our money to do what God wants to do. Rather, it’s extraordinary that God can use our resources to reach people with God’s amazing love. We think everyone wants to be involved in something that incredible. We give so that God may continue to grow God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

Our church exists to Serve Massena, Connect with Jesus, and Journey in Faith. God’s gift of love is free, and we strive to give that love to the community and world. We don’t expect people to give to something they’re not sure of yet, but if you want to invest in the Kingdom work happening at First Church and in Massena, we invite you to be involved in this incredible mission.

Your Gifts. God's Purpose.